Protect Your Ice Fishing Gear

You probably have that ice fishing story that stands out above the rest–that time you caught that slab daddy of a northern on two pound test, or that time you caught your limit in an hour. Unfortunately, we also have those stories that stand above the rest for the wrong reasons, like the big one that snapped the line or that time you burned a whole in your shack.  We have heard em’ all, and have experienced much more; that is ice fishing.

For many of us, we also have those stories about our gear–the gear that made our ice fishing memorable, the gear that didn’t work, and the gear that we wish we had.  Let’s take the story of the gear we wish we had:

You load up you gear and ATV/UTV, head out to the lake, get to your spot, and your gear and/or sled is full of snow and slush. Even with a canvas or cover, most of us can say that usually doesn’t do the trick. And for those without one, the feeling is even more frustrating. Now, we spend a good portion of our fishing time cleaning our gear and wiping out the sled, when we should’ve been drilling holes and slaying some fish.  And it doesn’t end there. When the fishing is done, you pack up your gear again, head back to the truck, only to have the same problem as before. Now, it’s another round of cleaning your gear, drying your gear at home, and looking forward to the next time you have to do it again;  frustrating, we know.

Situations like these is the one of the many reasons why we developed ATV/UTV Magnum Mudflaps-to help sportsman like you protect your gear and make your outdoor experiences less frustrating.

Whether it’s on the ice, in the woods, or on the trails, Magnum Mudflaps give your ATV/UTV and your gear the protection you need. Made with high quality materials right here in the US, ATV Magnum™ Mudflaps stop debris, snow, slush, and more where it matters the most, on your ice fishing gear, and everything else that you pull with your ATV/UTV. Our innovative design fits perfectly behind your ATV/UTV and easily attaches/detaches to your receiver hitch for quick installation and protection. The  ATV Magnum™ Mudflaps are also adjustable to all ATV/UTV wheelbases and heights, which make it universal for every ATV/UTV model.

We could go on all day about the cool specs and design, but the biggest thing you need to know is they work, and they work well. . No more ice, slush, and snow in your sled. No more cleaning your gear. And no more frustrating ice fishing trips.

So this ice fishing season, let Magnum Mudflaps help make those ice fishing stories a little more memorable. While we can’t guarantee you’ll catch more fish, we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed in Magnum Mudflaps.